in disgust

Mia Maichen shows us „the beauty in disgust“ by transferring the aesthetics of

disgust into imagery that we find beautiful. We are being drawn towards and

repelled by the images at the same time, thereby experiencing the duality of

both notions of beauty and disgust. She expresses herself by the use of unconventional materials, detailed imagery or body-related jewelry.

Her first series of jewelry draws the viewers in and deceives them with its graphical effects, its radiance and splendor, only the crimson colors and the

amorphous forms suggesting an origin of organic nature. On closer inspection, the piece reveals itself to be the sharp picture of a dissected rat, its organs having been pulled out of its torso. This work is inspired by the performance art piece „Lammzerreißung“ („dismemberment of the lamb“) by artist Hermann Nitsch.

The second piece of work is dedicated to the theme of bodily fluids, which most people will feel to be disgusted by. Urine is shrink-wrapped with transparent plastic film, capturing the light and thereby presenting itself in a golde

yellow colorfulness, which in turn will be perceived as something brilliant and beautiful.

Photos: Marc Oortman

Model: Anna Benz

Styling: Olivia Acar

Hair and Make-up: Christina Niegoth

The series of rings deals with the subject of our current societal views on the ‚right‘ body hair. The surge of body hair removal practices, that originated in the 1990s, is still having its effects on today‘s generation of teenagers. pubic hair is being viewed as disgusting. Mia however, puts the spotlight on the hair, instead of removing it.



sticky nipples

Stick your nipple

wherever you like.

Photo by Eric Fritsch



Photos: Tamara Hansen

Make up: Katrin Kloßek

Design: Mia Maichen

These necklaces are made out of dried worms, plastic and glass.

It connects beauty and disgust.

Glass phalluses on a silver necklace.